"Don't bin it - bag it"

Together we can make a difference and create better lives for older people.

ExtraCare has around 50 charity shops that raise funds to help the more vulnerable people within our schemes and villages. ExtraCare charity shops generate profits from all donations, whatever they may be. 100% of the money raised helps ExtraCare to create better lives for older people and helps us to finance many of our projects:

  • the award winning Enriched Opportunities Programme, under this programme our EOP Locksmiths work closely with residents who are affected by dementia or other cognitive impairments in order to enhance their quality of life.
  • Care for those residents who are not fully funded by the local authority or the benefits system and would otherwise be unable to pay for the service.
  • Health and Well-Being Programme which support our ethos and help older people improve their lives.
  • Research carried out into improving the lives of our residents and older people in the wider community.

You can help us to raise more funds by clearing out your clutter and donating your unwanted items. We take all sorts of donations from:

  • clothing,
  • shoes,
  • accessories,
  • jewellery,
  • toys,
  • small electrical items,
  • ornaments and
  • linens

Click for our charity shops: List of charity shops